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    by  • January 22, 2013 • Uncategorized

    Please note: this Tuesday and Thursday blog will now post only on Tuesdays.   Forgive the untidiness of this post. I haven’t quite sorted things out, but here are 3 musings this week. I’m still working out if they are related, and if it is worth going there. (1) Of all the thoughts to...

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    by  • January 17, 2013 • Uncategorized

    We all feel loved in different ways, and for me, being known is high on the list. Though encouraged to bring “all of my Asian-ness to the table” and to “be myself,” there weren’t enough Asians at InterVarsity’s National Service Center for others to notice my “Asian-ness” let alone know that aspect of me....

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    by  • January 15, 2013 • Uncategorized

    “Transcend. Transcend.” This is what the much revered intercessor at InterVarsity’s National Service Center said to me as she walked past me in the corridor. Perhaps she was in a hurry? But she walked fast past me, and then took a step back to grab my arm and say, “Oh yes, God gave me...

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    Know Thyself, know God

    by  • January 8, 2013 • Uncategorized

    Know God, Know Thyself – Augustine, Calvin, and so many others… Of all movies–Runaway Bride pops into my mind right now. It seems to be on TV every now and then; I catch glimpses of it as I flip channels. I think though I’ve only seen it once all the way through several years...

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    He has always loved

    by  • January 3, 2013 • Uncategorized

    That same year after my brother died, I felt God close to me.  I felt him talking and loving me as I prayed, as I chewed on his Word, as I journaled my thoughts and feelings, as I drew away from others to focus on him.  There was a lot of drawing away that...

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    My missing pieces

    by  • January 1, 2013 • Uncategorized

    Yes! Yes! Here it is! Since I got out of my honeymoon period with Jesus as a new Christian in college, I have been looking for books, people, something to help me, to help explain to me my Christian life. There have been quite a few great books, quite a few great talks and...

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    Merry Christmas!

    by  • December 25, 2012 • Uncategorized

    Jesus coming into this world is proof that someone cares. And not only someone, but the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the God Most High cares. When push comes to shove, when @!G* hits the fan, or when I succeed beyond my wildest dreams, life boils down to this one thing for...

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    Jesus is the reason!

    by  • December 20, 2012 • Uncategorized

    I realize many are disgusted by the flashiness that has become Christmas in some parts of the country—Lighted Santas! Giant blown up Snowmen! Peanuts Nativity scenes. I once saw “Jesus is the reason for the season!” emblazoned on the roof of a private residence off a Dallas freeway. Is he? I think, “yes, indeed!”...

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